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Scavenger Hunt Clues

Today, I surprisingly woke up earlier than usual. We had stayed up last night to watch Ao Oni. I already watched all of Ao Oni of course, but N wanted to watch it. It was funny, he jumped and stuff. XD But yeah, it's not a good idea to sleep immediately after watching it, so we came out to the living room and watched Kung-fu Panda until we fell asleep.

Today, I went to piano practice. I haven't gone in a while, so I was really bad. I feel bad for my teacher, she had to be really patient. DX But yeah, after that, we didn't do much. I read some of my Count of Monte Cristo, so yay! Accomplishment! I also practiced riding my bike! Hooray!

But honestly, I didn't do anything today. And that's really all I have to say in this post, so I'd thought I'd post something else! Remember that scavenger hunt I created in Oregon? Well, I've gathered all the questions I made, and now I'm going to post them! I wonder how you will do? I'll put the questions, and then I'll put the answers afterward. Enjoy and marvel at my creativity (just kidding). Oh, and the last clue for each group was a part of a picture of a trash can with a tennis racket on it, insinuating the treasure was in the trash can at the tennis court.

Group Girls
This was L's group, which consisted of her and my two girl cousins. They are all practically the same age, with L being the middle kid. I made theirs the easiest, because they're the youngest.

1. GIRLS RULE! Your first clue is in something resembling the "S.S. Tipton", but nowhere near as fancy.

A: It was in the boat on the lake. You could probably guess, but the S.S. Tipton is the boat that Zac and Cody live on in Suite Life on Deck. I assume that at least my cousin T watches that show (I know L does).

2. Good job! Now, do you know the plant expressed by this picture? *Insert picture of cat, with an arrow pointing to its tail*

A: Cat tails, obviously. There's a little patch of them by the lake.

3. "Ponyo, Ponyo, she's a tiny little fish~" Where can you fish for things like Ponyo? (Hint: It's approximately 2175 miles away from Chicago)

A: I know that my other cousin saw this movie and liked it, so I thought I'd work it in somehow. This was hidden by the dock, but I included that last bit about Chicago because there's a sign by the dock saying how far away it is from Chicago. There's another dock on the property, so I had to distinguish it...

4. Most people restock their ammunition in an ammo bunker, but here in Oregon, we have different artillery. Where can you prepare this type of ammo?

A: In Oregon, we always have a water balloon war with the farmer that works there. So the refilling station is the water area by the tennis court.

5. *Insert this picture: Basket + (Ballet dancer - et) = ?*

A: The ballet dancer represents ballet, so it would be ballet - et, which is ball. Then basket + ball is basketball, so the clue was on a basketball.

6. This is your last clue! Don't you feel like dancing? Your final clue can be found on an especially cute pet!

A: My aunt brought her dog, Tango, to Oregon, so we attached a clue to her collar and had my aunt walk around with her. It was immensely entertaining to see them running around the property yelling "TAAAAANGOOOOOO!!"

Group Double J
This was J's group, and the other person on this team was my cousin, who is approximately the same age as J. My cousin had recently hurt his arm, so they didn't want him doing anything strenuous. Meaning no running, and no going long distances. I basically made this team because I knew J would be patient, and they are the same age, and have the same interests. So it worked out well.

1. Team Double J! Here is your first clue! Do you remember Medusa's special power? Unfortunately, it seems like an animal has been attacked by her very nearby. Can you save it?

A: They were both into Percy Jackson, and Medusa is a serious threat in that movie. And there are stone rabbits right outside the main house's front door (the starting point), so that's where it was.

2. Good job, Olympians! Your next clue may be in a state that's hot during the summer, but it's in a room that's always cold!

A: Oregon is hot in the summer, but there's a root cellar that keeps the crops from the farm cold in the main house's backyard. So ta da~

3. *Insert picture: Sitting lady with an arrow pointing to her lap + (Stoplight on stop - S) = ?* (in the main house)

A: Stop - S is "top", and then since the arrow was pointing to her lap, it would be "laptop". And it's in the main house, which narrows it down to the ones in the main house.

4. This thing is really useful when making spam. That's why it's in the house where the spam-eating monster stays.

A: The "spam-eating monster" would be my brother, N. He eats a whole bunch of spam, because he's allergic to everything with dairy or wheat. So yeah, he pretty much eats meat, rice, and etc. And he eats a lot of spam (especially compared to my non-Asian mom's side of my family), so they got that immediately. And my family stayed in the guest house... And you use a pan to cook spam, so there you go! Pan in the guest house!

5. Looking at this frying pan makes me hungry. Is there a place where I can eat a yummy snack and work off the fat right after (in a fun way, of course)?

A: This would be the tennis court. At the tennis court, you can play tennis, but there's also a basket full of yummy snacks nearby. So yeah, the clue was in that. This was the farthest they had to go.

6. In Harry Potter's world, mandrakes are really annoying! But there's a way to silence them! You could use the items around you, but I'm afraid they're full with other things... Including your final clue!

A: In Harry Potter (especially the LEGO video game), you have to put mandrakes (who scream loud and high) in pots to shut them up. There was a pot on the tennis court, but it has flowers in it. So yay! Oh, but it was my bad on this one. I taped the clue OUTSIDE the pot, not in it. DX

Group Dudes
This was N's group, which included my two cousins who are around the same age as N, but younger. This one was by far the hardest, as my cousins asked it to be. N didn't want it to be, though. But whatever. This one is full of references that only one person in the group got, so if you don't know the reference, you probably won't get the question at all. This one was my favorite to do, by the way.

1. Ready for you super-hard treasure hunt?? It will be full of riddles and (not-so) obscure references! But first, you need to find a bear. A really big one.

A: This one was straight-forward. There's a huge bear-skin rug in the cowboy house, so that one was obvious.

2. Bears have scary teeth, just like vampires. Speaking of vampires, Edward and Auntie Betty have one hobby in common, don't they?

A: One of the cousins (I'll call him Not-R, because the other cousin's name starts with an R. I would call him J, but... You would see how that causes confusion...) likes Twilight, so I threw in a question about it. My aunt plays the piano, and so does Edward. Unfortunately, they were stuck on this one for a while, and got really upset about it. But seriously, they were thinking too much about Edward. They should think about their aunt, who had been playing piano frequently at Oregon!

3. Piano music can be very pretty, but also very haunting. Remember that case Edgeworth had to resolve concerning the "Disappearing Badger"? Do you remember what was the object that made this possible? It will probably help you find the next clue... Hey, I think there's one in the guest house!

A: Okay, this is R's reference question. N has also played Phoenix Wright, but he hasn't played the Edgeworth game. And so, he is the only one who would know this. I don't want to explain it here, but the object needed was a mirror. And there is one in the guest house, so yeah. But they had to look into it to see the clue. Pretty clever, huh?

4. *Insert picture: Thumbs down + (Peppermint - Pepper) + Weight with "2,000 lbs." on it = ?*

A: The "thumbs down" represents "bad". And then the peppermint - pepper is mint, so it would be bad + mint, which is badmint. And then 2,000 lbs. is equivalent to a ton, so it would be "badminton". And my dad set up a badminton net in the barn, so it was there.

5. Hetalia! So, you know Romano (South Italy), right? What's his favorite food?
"Kimi ni mo hitotsu ageru!"
"Kireina no wo hitotsu ageru!"
"Oishii ------ tabete boku to odorou! AMORE!"

A: This was obviously for N. First, he went for the potato chips, and I'm like, "What are you doing??" And he's like, "...Huh? Potatoes? ...Oh wait, ITALY." And then he started going even FARTHER away from the actual answer, and I'm like, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" He's like, "PASTA, ISN'T IT?? PASTA!!" (He was really upset over the Twilight question. And the fact they were dead last in the scavenger hunt) And I was like, "NOOOOOOO! Read this again, seriously!" And then he read it, and he's like, "...Oh. South." Then he went to the right place. Which is the greenhouse, where they keep the tomatoes. I almost had to sing the song for him, geez!

6. I heard it through the grapevine: This is your last clue!

A: This one is pretty straight-forward, too. The clue was in the grapevine at the farm.

And so, that's all the clues I made! Pretty good for 2 AM at night, huh? Yeah, but just to complain a little, N was such a bad sport! Well like, all of those guys were frustrated, because they were stuck, but my two cousins got over it. But he was grumpy the entire time! Even afterward! It was so annoying! Even my not-R cousin said, "Well, we asked you to make it hard, and you did. I was frustrated, but when I saw the answer, I was like, 'DUH'. So thanks, it was really fun!" (Paraphrased, but that's pretty much what he said.)

I wanted to reply with a "Can I adopt you as my brother for now?" LOL, no, I love N and all, but my cousin was suddenly so mature this year. I guess I haven't seen him in a while, but it amazed me how level-headed and mature he was. It was totally surprising, but I was like, "I like this kid!" XD

No hard feelings, N.

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